Thermal Energy

Aim: How does thermal energy flow?

Do Now: Writing Journal: (25 points each)

Distinguish thermal energy(heat) from temperature.
Discuss  factors that affect an object’s ability to absorb/release heat 
Describe and give examples of heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation
Explain how a heat engine works. (You must discuss the flow of thermal energy from hot to cold.)

Notes(interactive chalk board power point, glencoe)
1. Temperature= related to the average kinetic energy of an objects’s atoms or molecules

2. Thermal energy the sum of the kinetic and potential energy of all the atoms in an object. a)thermal energy increases  as temperature increases. b) at constant temperature, thermal energy increases if mass increases.
3. Thermal energy that flows from something at higher temperature to something at a lower temperature is called heat.

4. Specific heat- the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 kg of a material by 1 degree C or K

5. Changes in thermal energy can be calculated as change in thermal energy equals mass times change in temperature time specific heat.. a) when heat flows into an object and its temperature rises, teh change in temperature is positive. b) when heat flows out of an object and its temperature decreases, the change in temperature is negative.  c) A calorimeter is used to measure specific heat. 

Activity. Investigate the interaction between hot and cold
substances . Prove that  the flow of thermal energy as only from hotter to cooler
objects.  Explain how this applies to a heat engine. 

Homework: #1-6 page 170 chapter 6: textbook
page 163#1-7
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