Picking Up and Starting Over

It must be tough to pick up and start over. If you have ever failed at something, you know that it can either make you give up or make you stronger. It could allow you to learn from your mistakes. You can gather information about WHY you failed. Then you can redraw a new plan which takes into account the details of your previous failure. The idea is that maybe you can change your plan a bit so that you will succeed next time. Ofcourse, many people are too disappointed with themselves if (when) they fail. They give up. So they never get a chance to see the possible success that awaits them. Feel free to leave your thoughts on my wall or below this post.

23 thoughts on “Picking Up and Starting Over

  1. I was recently fired from a job in part because during my evaluation (on which I received the highest rating, an exceeds requirements) when I was asked what i needed to do my job with more joy I stated the need for information and sited some examples of things that could or would have gone more smoothly had i been given more information. I was berated for living in the past, that they were creating a new business paradigm built out of chaos. To me this boiled down to a waste of time as they reinvented the wheel over and over by refusing to look back and see what had and hadn’t worked and learn from it. Cliches become cliches because they hold truth in the their heart, those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it makes a good point!

  2. first off, your music is beautiful.

    Nicely written, I’m actually currently putting together my art show back in NY, and by the time it happens, I’ll be broke and in debt, but its what I have to do, you only live once, right? I’ve failed many times in the past, but I just can’t give up.

  3. Just signed on receive your future posts! Looking forward to following.
    Thanks for checking out cardboardmetravels today
    Let me know if you would like to host s Flat Ruthie and guest blog on it.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh

  4. How thoughtful and inspiring Angela. It sure is tough to start all over again doing something that you know could make you happy. Life is really too short to be unhappy all the time.

  5. Love this post! Having been someone who moved constantly and was ALWAYS starting over, I know the literal meaning with the unpacking and the finding of the nearest grocery store and the anxiety over possibly getting lost and praying my kids would be OK and so on … Then we had a job loss and that defeat is incredibly hard to recover from and start over, especially when you self esteem and your identity is so tied up in it. I have a great friend in music who beat the path in LA for years and finally decided it was time to start again in Austin and is doing so well. Good for you for knowing the investment is worthwhile. AND beautiful voice!

  6. Having been homeless this past year, and having been back in my home a year this coming April, i know first hand about starting over…from pots & pans to toilet paper starting over. It is rough…but as the cliche goes….”what does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

  7. Hey Angela, you sound GREAT! Don’t know if you know Betty RochΓ©, but you reminds me a little of her…a toughness and sweetness at the same time. If you’re interested in collaborations I’ve got a couple of tunes that might work with your voice.

      1. I’ve gotta figure out how to add all those other sites. Gonna send this link to The Obamacrat, so he can feature you on his blog. You have a CD? (Rather have CD than MPEG. I’m ole school, girl. LoL!)

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