RIP Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

I am saddened by this news that whitney has died. I hope and pray that the family, friends and fans will find some comfort in her beautiful voice and the smiles she left with the world. I do not know why this had to happen. I think someone out there could have helped. Let’s think about the people in our lives. Let’s try to protect them and cherish them.


16 thoughts on “RIP Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

  1. There has bee two deaths of talented female singers this year, we also had Amy Winehouse in the UK, a tortured soul who’s audience was of the younger generation than Whitney’s. But the results of their substance abuse was the same, but unfortunately its not unique.

    Janice Joplin and even going back to Judy Garland the bad side of the music business consumed them all. They all leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy but there could have been so much more of their talents. R.I.P. to them all.

  2. Thanks for the follow! I enjoyed your post about Whitney as well, and I definitely agree with you! You don’t have to own every one of her albums or be an avid follower of her career to feel upset by the news of her death. The truth is, it’s just upsetting anytime you see such an incredible talent succumb to drug or alcohol abuse (if that is, in fact, the case for Whitney). And you make a lot of important points in your video as well!

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