Variety is the Spice of Life

Many marketing experts say that the worst thing you can do is not place your product in a niche. The idea is that , focus and specifics make for a better and narrow marketing plan. You see, people can size you up and know right away if they like you or your product. I get it. Music for example, is tough to pitch to a radio station unless there is a clear genre that the listeners are used to hearing. A sound that they know. The sound is already pre-determined by a few major record labels and everyone and anyone in that genre has to sound a little like the previous artists. I love gospel. I love dance. I love jazz. I love rock. I love the blues, pop, electronic, soul, love songs, and R&B. Even a good rap song!! As long as it is a good song that moves me. For me variety is the spice of life.

7 thoughts on “Variety is the Spice of Life

  1. Your visit to my blog came just at a time when I was searching for some good music to listen to while at work – something inspiring. Thanks for check into my blog and opening up a new door.

  2. I agree 😀

    I can’t imagine if life only contains a single genre of music.

    No matter if you have preferences, you always want to listen to the less preferred genres at times. Even when I’m happy, I listen to sad songs sometimes, just to adore the beauty of their melodies!

  3. I simply love music in any shape or form. Finding a station eclectic enough to play good music is very difficult. we are lucky in Canada to have CBC2 and CKUA, they take chances and do not stick to the mainstream.

  4. Variety is the spice of life, but most people don’t like their self or their art put into categories of any kind, but for the purpose of marketing it is the only way. People who are going to be potential customers like seeing your designs laid out and structured. I think I’ve always done this, on and off the net, for the past 40 years. I also think it comes naturally after a while of doing it:-) Thanks for your post Angela!

    1. I was joking really, I have never fitted into niches. All good art is doing what you do, doing what you feel – the more artists try to please the people in power, the worse their art becomes.
      I’m with you Angela!

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