Give and You Shall Receive

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Don’t be afraid to receive. It’s SUPPOSE to come back to you. Being willing and able to receive has to be a good thing, otherwise you wont be able to get those “blessings that come” from you having given to others down through the years. My friend drove me to an event. I wanted to give her gas money plus a bonus to show my appreciation, because it was pretty far. She didn’t take the money. She almost had a nervous breakdown when I tried to leave it in the car and she finally yelled franticly saying, “NO! If you pay me I will lose my blessing!!” I did not know how to respond to that, but I know that she had gotten extremely worked up about it. So I kept the money. You see, she thinks, she gets a blessing if she GIVES to me but that she LOSES the blessing if I give to HER . Sounds like faulty logic. You see, if you give, you are suppose to get it back. It’s just a law. If you have enough resources or money or contacts or talent to share with the world you should give it to the world. I think this works in business as well. Think about your favorite companies. They “gave” us a product or service that we just didn’t have or in a unique way we didn’t have.

Open your arms and receive your blessing when it comes. It’s suppose to come back to you.


11 thoughts on “Give and You Shall Receive

  1. I meant to mention to you on another comment; With the piano background I think you should try “Sidney’s Soliloquey” by Jimmy Wisner. You have just the correct pace and emotion to your music to re-incarnate it. I would love to hear your version!

    1. I believe that Socrates related to Ion that there are original ideas; these would be the magnetic stones that inspire throughout history. The stone picks up an iron ring and that is another creative idea based on the first. Then that iron ring picks up another iron ring and this is inspiration created by the first ring which received it from the stone. And so on and so forth. We are all inspired by our predecesors in some way.

  2. What you did was the right thing to do. I would have done the same thing. It’s okay she didn’t want to take it, but her reason for not taking it was bizarre. Good story to use in your life lesson today Angela! BTW, you have good pipes! Fun hearing snippets of your voice all over your blog. Margie

  3. Your friend’s take on this is odd, as if there’s a formula and god won’t bless you if you step outside the formula. As long as she did the act with the right motives, I can’t see her point. She’s now put you in a difficult position because it you ever need another favor, you might be hesitant to ask. So, while she was being generous in a sense, she may have been selfish in another sense — unintended of course.

  4. Thank you for writing this. I am one of those people that have the hardest time in accepting but I see your point. I totally think that your logic is correct. I think alot of us are raised by parents that tell us it’s okay to give, but not polite to take. Anyway, I think it’s polite to take if both parties are sincere and I truly need the help or whatever. Thanks again! This is awesome~

  5. Reblogged this on MyDestiny2011 and commented:
    I really love this article. I believe that when you give something away, specially things that you love most, it will come back to you through some other meanings. At the same time, I dont expect to get it back somehow, it’s just an modest act. Monies and all these materials things are just borrowed to us, don’t be stingy ~and if you have knowledge or any talents, share it with others. God blessed you. Thanks again for sharing this great articles.

  6. This is not only material things. It’s also positive energy and offering support. Do it because you can. You will be rewarded in need. Works like a charm, as every thing that is beautiful in life 🙂

  7. Certainly something to think about Angela. When I do something for someone, I don’t expect anything in return and to be honest, I’m a bit uncomfortable with receiving gifts. However, you do make a good point. Thanks for sharing!

    1. But isn’t it all that much sweeter when you don’t “expect” it and it just flows to you. I think when we deny the possibility to give back to us we are denying them the same satisfaction that we receive when we give. I think we were all “taught” to be uncomfortable in receiving – but sometimes that is the biggest gift we can give someone, the act of receiving their gift.

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