Give and You Shall Receive

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Don’t be afraid to receive. It’s SUPPOSE to come back to you. Being willing and able to receive has to be a good thing, otherwise you wont be able to get those “blessings that come” from you having given to others down through the years. My friend drove me to an event. I wanted to give her gas money plus a bonus to show my appreciation, because it was pretty far. She didn’t take the money. She almost had a nervous breakdown when I tried to leave it in the car and she finally yelled franticly saying, “NO! If you pay me I will lose my blessing!!” I did not know how to respond to that, but I know that she had gotten extremely worked up about it. So I kept the money. You see, she thinks, she gets a blessing if she GIVES to me but that she LOSES the blessing if I give to HER . Sounds like faulty logic. You see, if you give, you are suppose to get it back. It’s just a law. If you have enough resources or money or contacts or talent to share with the world you should give it to the world. I think this works in business as well. Think about your favorite companies. They “gave” us a product or service that we just didn’t have or in a unique way we didn’t have.

Open your arms and receive your blessing when it comes. It’s suppose to come back to you.