5000 Hugs and Kisses

Facebook “friends” are all the craze. Would they “be there” for you? Would you “be there” for them? The beauty of life is that we can make it what we want. What if you really had 5000 friends. REAL friends. The kind you can touch, see, and literally spend time together. You would rarely eat alone.  You would get or give alot of hugs and smiles. 5000 hugs and kisses. You would have amazing birthday parties every year. 5000 gifts. Real friends would encourage you and  support you in your artistic and/or business endeavors. You’d be richer. You would be very busy keeping up with all the things that friends do for each other. Some of them may fall short of being “good friends” and you will have to forgive them. Perhaps even let them go. There will be lots of challenges and commitments but that’s less time to wallow in self-pity. And less time for self-pity is more time for growth.


7 thoughts on “5000 Hugs and Kisses

  1. I had a major problem with Face Book “friends” so I stopped using the account. What next, mini You Tube reality shows of 5000 people we have once worked with or went to school with?

    I like following blogs much better *smiles*

  2. A long time ago we were reminded that the term ‘friend’ has become too casually used (perhaps not least by Facebook). When Talk Show host, Michael Parkinson, made some comment to his guest Mohammed Ali, in which Parkinson seemed to assume he was a ‘friend’ of The Greatest, Ali rebuffed him by saying he only had maybe 2 or 3 Friends. All others were ‘Acquaintances’. That was in the early ’70s. It really shook Parkinson, but the point was well made and a reminder that a true Friend is a friend in need – he/she is then truly a ‘Friend’ indeed. To be a ‘Friend’ implies some sort of real two-way equal commitment. I don’t think anyone can have more than a handful of such friends – and do justice to that friendship.
    But … ‘friend’ is such a nice word, that maybe it is not a bad thing to use it more freely now. It gives a warm feeling if nothing else. So, maybe the time has come in this 21st century digital internet age, to relax the strict definition of Mohammed Ali. He spoke in an age before the internet and even the PC. Perhaps we now need to qualify our ‘special friends’ in some way – such as ‘Real’ or ‘True’ Friends – and enjoy our less intense but virtual friends as well!

    1. Yes. “Virtual Friends” sounds like the new term. Could 2 people develop a two-way commitment online. Helping each other, spreading the word about each other, linking to each other, supporting each others art or business? Perhaps this may be the new virtual friend definition. You gave me alot to think about here.

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