5000 Hugs and Kisses

Facebook “friends” are all the craze. Would they “be there” for you? Would you “be there” for them? The beauty of life is that we can make it what we want. What if you really had 5000 friends. REAL friends. The kind you can touch, see, and literally spend time together. You would rarely eat alone.  You would get or give alot of hugs and smiles. 5000 hugs and kisses. You would have amazing birthday parties every year. 5000 gifts. Real friends would encourage you and  support you in your artistic and/or business endeavors. You’d be richer. You would be very busy keeping up with all the things that friends do for each other. Some of them may fall short of being “good friends” and you will have to forgive them. Perhaps even let them go. There will be lots of challenges and commitments but that’s less time to wallow in self-pity. And less time for self-pity is more time for growth.