Without creativity, I don’t think the world would be fit for anyone to live in. Creativity is like fire. That thing that inspires you in a  nonstop, consistent, and persistent way. When it is in you,  it burns.  It spreads. You have to create when you feel the urge. If you don’t, it feels off balance. Unhealthy.  Once you start, it catches on fire, again. Sometimes destroying old ideas in its path. I wrote a song the other day, just out of the blue. I felt a breeze come my way and I bet it came from God, something powerful, that’s for sure.  It’s why I want to stay alive. What’s your fire?

Please download this song, Fire.

Persistently yours, Angela.


Fire – Prettysongs itunes

Fire - Prettysongs

12 thoughts on “Fire

  1. Simply and beautifully stated – creativity truly is fire and life and the best in us shining through. Thanks for sharing this thought.

    My own fire is writing stories, sharing ideas and igniting and provoking new thought and imagination – something I think we need more of today when the sense of wonder has been somewhat desensitized.


  2. Wow, “Fire” is such a beautiful song!

    “Without creativity, I don’t think the world would be fit for anyone to live in.”

    Yes, I definitely agree. The world would be sterile without creativity.

  3. I love the analogy of a creative muse being a fire, because as you said, it can’t be stopped and can destroy old ideas to make way for new ones. In answer to your question my fire comes through when I’m skating, writing or taking pictures. I love it all!

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