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No matter how hard things become, do not give up. Keep doing your best even if no one would appreciate. Some may even discourage you from doing the things you are great at. There will always be one or two people in your life who would like to enumerate all the cons and the reasons why what you’re doing isn’t a good idea. But whatever happens, if it is something worth working on, do not give up, rewards will follow. 🙂

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide

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  1. Persistence is the key. “Don’t give up.”
    Be a bulldog if you have to but “Don’t give up.”
    Ignore those who pretend to be your friends “But don’t give up.”
    Choose another path to your goals “But don’t give up.”
    Character is built by overcoming fears “But don’t give up.”
    Success builds success and when you realize that you “Won’t give up.”
    Thanks for sharing and making me think Angela.

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