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Lately, I find myself asking for help and relying a bit too much on other people. After all, we all need each other, don’t we? But This morning I tell myself: It all boils down to self-discipline. Decide what you need to do. Acknowledge temptation. Just decide that you will resist it. Write the temptation down on a piece of paper. Ball it up and throw it away or burn it. Decide that today, your life is your own. No apologies. No excuses. No one to blame. No one to rely on. Today it is just you and yourself. Say that you are strong. List the actions you need to take. Take them. Just do it. Then get up tomorrow and do it again.

8 thoughts on “Self-discipline @angieandthecool Network

  1. A slap in the face early this morning in Jakarta. I was just looking over an article about defining your life on the purpose you really want. And when I opened my laptop to see and read the blogs I follow… Here you were, as if you were talking straight at me and giving me a slap in the face. Thank you for this. It really made me smile.

  2. Wise words indeed! I’m as stubborn as a mule and I really need to learn to discipline myself. For instance, earlier my beloved was napping on the sofa and I didn’t want to disturb him (I’m in bed recovering from a bad fall – sprained both feet and ankles and possibly broke a toe), so he awoke to find me downstairs, leaning on my stick and rummaging in the kitchen cupboards. I really shouldn’t have done that (ow) and must discipline some patience for healing into myself!

      1. Yes, I really miss swimming, which I did competitively for some years, and I used to love hitting the gym and reaching all the targets set for me (surpassing them if I could). I’ve always had very physical jobs too, and could never sit behind a desk all day.

        I’ve had to become used to a far more sedentary lifestyle since I became disabled, but I set myself other challenges; I learned to cross-stitch, I’m learning to play the ukulele, I’m determined to be able to get to the corner shop on my own two feet again one day and I’ve taken up pickling/canning as a hobby so that I still feel useful around the house.

        I always did play to win, and that includes teaching myself some discipline, because while stubborn is sometimes good it can also be harmful. Thank you for the timely reminder to take things easy 🙂

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