Get Over it and Move On.

I was disgusted with myself today. I had a horrible eating moment. Nonstop bingeing is never good. But it’s done, Angela. Get over it and move on. Wallowing in failure or weakness is a total waste of time. That not only applies to dieting, but it also applies to your career, your aspirations, and your dreams. Self-pity is not a road to success. You can’t go back into the past. Stop crying over spilled milk. Get up and live. Fight for a better future. So Here I go. I’m on my way out for a run. The future is bright.
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9 thoughts on “Get Over it and Move On.

  1. It’s not a total waste of time, if you try to figure out why you’re doing it. And that’s usually about “going back to the past” and asking yourself what it is you’re “hungry” for, that you’re not getting. Our emotions are not to be trifled with or written off. Staying in self-pity is no worse than trying to “suck it up” or otherwise hold it in. It actually is strengthening to cry and scream it out. Just sit still and write about it. Whatever comes, just write. Start with the question, what am I so hungry for? Why am I so angry? With myself? Some injustice endured as a child? Why do I feel so “empty”? Don’t discount what comes, just write, keep writing. It helps. When you start to feel some pull toward something you don’t want to do (addiction, escapism), grab the pad and pen and do it again. An effective route to the past, and re-gaining control. Things like moderate exercise and meditation, as good as they are, can ony be a temporary fix. The real deal actually is figuring out why we do these things, honoring our emotions by effectively expressing them (how ever many times that takes) and THEN letting it go. Also, if you’re on a low-fat diet, that’s not healthy. Dieting in general isn’t. There are proper ways of eating (low carb along with good amounts of healthy fat, protein) that don’t include deprivation of good healthy real food–not from a box. “Dieting” and all extreme diets are a form of self-abuse, a subconscious need to punish/destroy ourselves. The root of it is unhealed trauma, usually from childhood.

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