Keep Your Brain Healthy

I was surprised to hear that the Hall of fame basket ball coach Pat Summit was diagnosed with early onset dementia. I hope we can find a cure for this but until then there are some things that we can do to keep our brains healthy.

1. Eat healthy, fresh, whole, organic foods. You know, antioxidants, veggies, fruits, nuts, water, and organic produce.
2. Be socially connected to real people. Fellowship with people. Have a party and listen to great music.
3. Engage in mentally stimulating activity, classes, games, etc. Read books, learn a new language, a new mental exercise game or puzzle, a new musical instrument, or any activity that is new to you and requires some mental stimulation.
4.Laughter is good for your brain. Hang around people that make you laugh. Smiling has been scientifically proven to improve mood and health.
5. Exercise regularly. Do rigorous but safe exercise. Your brain cells literally respond to exercise.
6.Get quality sleep.Sleep Sleep Sleep.
7. Manage Stress. If you have a lot of stress in your life, manage it. See someone. Don’t go years and years with built up and unmanaged stress.
8. Have a reason to live. Have a purpose. A task or goal or purpose that literally is your reason for getting up in the morning.