Are You Beautiful?

Angela Shella is a beautiful singer and educator. Beauty is more than great fashion and makeup. Beauty is about how you feel inside. It is about your style. Your confidence. Beauty is what people see when they look into your eyes and feel your positive energy. Are you beautiful? Wearing great clothes and make up can make you feel more positive and more confident and thus you become even more beautiful. So it isn’t about the hair, clothes or makeup, but it is about what your personality says to the world and what you believe about yourself. It’s about how you walk through this world with your head up because you feel great. A few years ago I wrote “pretty songs”, a collection of songs that made me feel beautiful inside. I suppose, then, we all have our ugly moments. I don’t fully understand how some of the most attractive and talented people in the world commit suicide. Feeling trapped and you feel there is no other way out. Marilyn Monroe surely had so much more to share with the world. Study the picture and tell me if Marilyn Monroe looks sad here. Be beautiful people.

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