Why Do You Do What you Do?

When I started singing I realized that I could do this forever. You know that tingly special feeling you get when you are happy. It’s like going on vacation after a long grueling week at work. You just feel refreshed and complete. Why do you do what you do? Does it complete you? Does it serve a worthwhile purpose for you? Is it because you love it? Or are you just trying to follow someone else’s view of what you should become? I get it. We DO have to pay the bills. I think every now and then, we should ask ourselves these questions. Let’s find the purpose in what we do. Let’s make it work for us and what we need in our lives. I know that I may never be perfect. I know that I may never be a superstar, but I know that I can set my life up to be perfect in my own way. I know that it is perfectly fine to live my life in dedication to my family and my emotional well being if that is what I choose. Even if it means not making as much money. Also if that is what I choose, I need to carry out actions, plans, and meet the right people to make it happen.
Keep working people.
Sincerely Yours,
Angela Shella

5 thoughts on “Why Do You Do What you Do?

  1. I was told by many people that I should be on the stage, I use to pick up my guitar and sing, then I wrote my own stuff. But I knew in my own mind that although I may be a little better than most people, there are hundreds of people who can sing better than me, I know I’m heard them.

    I love to pick up my guitar and experiment, different chord sequences, then I find a poem I have written and try and match chords to the words, I have great fun, but its for my ears only, and, unfortunately maybe, my neighbours LOL. Thanks for dropping by my blog occasionally.

  2. Dear Angela,
    Thanks for sharing why you do what you do. It’s great to do what you love just because it is what you love. Go for it, Angela. Keep singing your songs.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

  3. Great post. It’s about finding your passion. I have a technical work skill I enjoy and continues to challenge & fulfill me even after many years & fortunately it earns me a living at present. Recently, like so many I found blogging. I blog for me but if someone else enjoys it, is inspired or gets a laugh, even better.

  4. I write because I like to share my stories and thoughts with others. I hope to find someone who shares my opinions. I also like to entertain people (that is probably why I was the class clown and labeled “watch out Shakespeare.” My ego was massaged and I have never been the same ever sense.

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