Stop Talking So Much

I recently got some good advice. Someone told me that it is not a good idea to say what you are going to do. Stop talking so much. What is the point in saying, “I’m going to write a book” or “I’m going to do a music tour”. Stop talking so much about what you are going to do. When you say that you are going to do something it creates a FALSE SENSE of ACCOMPLISHMENT. Sending out an e-blast or telling everyone something that you are going to do makes you feel that you have accomplished something when in actuality, you have accomplished nothing.
It would be better, to write the book first, book the music tour first, accomplish the tasks first, and then tell people. Promote, promote, promote. People don’t become admired or famous or respected because of what they say they are going to do, but for what they actually accomplish.
Please tell me your thoughts on this.

13 thoughts on “Stop Talking So Much

  1. Dear Angela,
    Saying, “I’m going to,” is the first step in goal setting. You have to go beyond that to Step 2. State the goal in the present tense. I weigh so many pounds. My book “Title” is published.” Step 3 and beyond. State steps necessary to get to your goal. When we say, “I’m going to” or “I want to,” it’s like a sign in a bar that says, “Free Beer Tomorrow.” It never gets here. The word “tomorrow” never gets here. It’s all in the words we use in our minds and the words that come out of our mouths.
    Good luck with all your writing!
    Never Give Up!
    Joan Y. Edwards

  2. It’s an interesting thing, and depends how it happens. A few times the words “I’m going to…” have come out of my mouth and I’ve thought really, where did that comes from? But, it’s what happened. Sometimes your guiding spirit is way ahead of you & chips into your talk. Othert imes, yes, it’s best to shut up if only to not give any naysayers the opportunity to rain on your parade. Best practice, walk the walk 🙂

  3. Call those things that be not, as though they were…. If you are the one doing the talking, you must speak in faith and not listen to the naysayers… Now if talking is preventing you from doing, then that’s another story!

    1. Yes, he definitely said it well. You also can’t tell everyone about your dreams & aspirations. You want to share with those that will support and help to motivate you.

  4. If you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, HONESTLY, have a plan and the determination and the perserverance to do what you say you are going to do (And I really did mean HAVE A VIABLE PLAN) then you should tell people what you are going to do. That way you have comitted to the world your goals and you will, and should be, embarrased if you do not follow through. I hope that was not mean. I just think it is OK to tell a few people just so you will not abandon your own plans. GOOD LUCK. Wally

  5. Okay, here’s my two cents … I WISH more people would talk about their creative projects! I feel the world is too full of gossip and idle chit chat. I’d much rather here something positive, even if it falls through, it’s inspiring to hear excitement coming from someone’s mouth rather than some sort of animosity or mere chatter due to someone’s insecurity or nerves.
    P.S. — you look super hot in that photo, if you don’t mind me saying!

  6. Impressive and concise. Yes more action and less of talking. However, we cannot neglect the need to talk..share our dreams and our plans. It gives room for more inspiration, accountability too – when you know certain people are holding onto your words and plans. Also, you get more ideas as you speak with other people. The most important for me is as trivial as your “talk” might be, it could end up as someone’s inspiration to make an action.


  7. I agree. A lot of people talk and talk, but they’re not actually accomplishing anything (including me). Great post, we need to just DO and talk later. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  8. As odd as this sounds – I thinking talking to yourself is best. I talk to myself all the time. Not as a sort of edification but as a reminder – I have responsibilities to accomplish what my heart desires; I need to verbalize those, my ears need to hear – so when I hit a rough spot my voice, my dreams don’t seem foreign to me

  9. Amen my sweet. It’s what I said to myself a year ago with my weight loss journey. It’s time to put up or shut up. So I did both. I’ve lost 165 lbs. Life is fabulous for the most part. I’ve changed it for the better. It feels so good to feel accomplished. To have grown. Succeeded.

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