Speak from Your Heart

So many people are afraid to tell what they really feel. The good and the bad. They don’t want to be vulnerable. Wouldn’t it be great if when you were attracted to someone, you tell them. When you appreciate what someone has done, tell them. When you think someone has on a pretty dress, tell them. Women can compliment other women, it’s ok. It’s much better than being jealous. Or what if you simply want to say no to someone. It’s ok to say no, instead of living a lie. Speak from your heart and let the truth come out. If you want something from someone, tell them clearly what you want. You might need their help, you may need a favor. Don’t be ashamed to ask. It may be a bit blunt, and perhaps uncomfortable, but atleast you are living in truth. Speak from your heart, tell people what you want, tell them what you need, and tell them how much you appreciate them. Also, if they have upset you in any way, tell them that too. No hold back. There’s nothing more useless than being mad at someone and they have no idea. Don’t be fake or they will misunderstand you. Speak from your heart. It knows the truth.

6 thoughts on “Speak from Your Heart

  1. Angela, I love that dress on you, and . . . (smile) your pose is so open, honest, and inviting (reinforces your blog well). . . . seriously, I’m a very visual person, and your share you well.

    Honesty, for me, goes beyond “saying what I think” or “factual bluntness.” It’s more about the vulnerability of allowing you to see the real me. No cover-ups that drip with unhealthy obsessions of “needing” people to like or accept me, just the simple, but powerful gift of appreciation, admiration, and affirmation – a melody of friendship, or the possibility thereof.

    Very though provoking thoughts you shared. Many men really appreciate “knowing” instead of “guessing” what someone thinks, wants, and likes. I do. Have a fabulous day! Thanks for a great blog (loved your Monday blues).

  2. I don’t think its speak out truthfully what puts people off but the response they are likely to receive in these PC times of our. Friendly banter seems to be dying out because its sexist, ageist, racist you name it so why risk the wrath?

  3. I am the meaning of “honest”…. People like to be lied to because it paints a better picture. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in a world that will practice while they preach? Emotions cloud what honesty is….

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