The lies that the mind tells.

Hustle and Go

If you’ve ever ran a half marathon or a marathon, you’ve heard them.  They’re those little whispers of doubt and negativity.  They sneak in there when your oxygen levels are low.  They are there when your glycogen is gone, when you are depleted.

When ever you want to accomplish something big, you hear the lies that the mind tells.  Some people call it resistance.  Some call it fear.  But rest assured that it’s all fiction.  It’s not real.  Don’t believe the hype.

During the tenth mile of my first half marathon my mind began to chatter.  I was tired and in over my head and that hill on Peachtree street was never ending.  It was a blustery November morning.  We ran into a biting headwind the whole way.  A frozen mist pelted us in the face.  Conditions were rough and my mind spewed it’s nonsense:

You need to stop

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