Just Relax


Sometimes the world feels like it is on a fast spin. Things are happening fast and life is just passing you by. You sit and wonder, where has the time gone. My biggest thing lately has been comparing myself to others who are “successful.” I sit and say: What have I done? What will be my legacy? Then I realize that we are on this earth for a very relatively short period of time. It is why some people do whatever it is they want in the face of criticism and judgement. You see, it’s your life. Make something of it. Not by other people’s standards but by what you know is just and true to you. Should you suffer and be cynical or just try and spend every waking moment finding joy. You see. I heard someone say that true love doesn’t exist. That it only happens in the movies. That everyone has to work hard all their lives so that they can “retire”. That you have to be skinny. That you have to live in a certain neighborhood. That you have to have certain things. That you have to wear certain clothes. It’s so confusing. It’s so much to achieve and overwhelming. My take today is, Just Relax! That’s right. Just relax. It will be over fast enough. Enjoy the ride.