When You Love Someone, Love With Your Heart and Your Actions.

When you love someone, you should love with your heart. Give of yourself and don’t be selfish.
When you love someone, it means nothing, if you don’t show them in some way by treating them with respect and care.
If you love someone, you don’t wish them evil. You don’t want to see them destruct.
When you love someone, you should build them up, and they should do the same.
You see saying you love someone, sounds nice, but has little meaning if you treat them with malice and hate.
True love and sex make a great combination. As sex with a person who is selfish is totally lame. You just can’t wait for it to be over.
When you love someone, sex is communication between both of you, and you give of yourself, so that each of you can feel the gift and benefit from it.
When you love someone, show them.
Appreciate them.
When you love someone, let them experience the truth. Throw away all the lies. They deserve it.
When you love someone, love with your heart and your actions.

P.S. I hope to meet you soon.