One Lovely Blog Award

Dear followers  I hope to see you here.

When you are nominated for this award, you have to
a. thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog;
b. add the logo to your post
c. Include the rules in your post
d. tell others seven random things about yourself; and
e. nominate 15 other bloggers for the award (you don’t have to write about each one like I did here, you can just list them) 

f. let them know they’ve been nominated by a comment


THANK YOU TO for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award

7 random things about me:

1) I love cream of wheat mixed with sweetened condensed milk,

2) I hate driving in the dark,

3) I secretly want to date James Bond,

4) I love to laugh with my family and friends, sometimes I laugh so hard that you might think I’m high on drugs

5) I believe in God.

6) I love NYC, I think its the greatest city in the world.

7) I want everyone to preorder the 2013 music project “Night Sky”

15 nominees

1. because she inspires me as she has achieved so much even though she is blind. While others are making excuses, she  just has a powerful drive that  keeps her going and achieving.

2. you’ll either be seriously offended by the  nature of the jokes or you’ll laugh out loud, literally. Okay, well, maybe he’s not so “lovely” but laughing and smiling is one way to extend your life and keep you healthy, not just mentally but also physically, so to me, that’s lovely. I’m just saying.

3. because, he makes you think, doesn’t bite his tongue, and provides great information on whats brewing in the social and political world

4.  because I’m into the photography here, the subjects in the photos are  sometimes unexpected, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes just simple, or a little weird(in a good way). You see, you never know what you’re going to get.

5.  and 6., and because I love the pictures and I love learning about women who are embracing their natural beauty

7., because she encourages me and has great posts to help writers, and also has a cute website with cool stuff

8., because she is a talented writer and visual artist and the blog is entertaining and stimulating. Her art studio will leave you speechless

9. because women in business inspire me and also by the way, I want to order some berry sparkle lipgloss. I’m just saying.

10. because she quotes Matthew 6:33 and writes great stories.

11. because the words here on relationships, love, and self are so poetic and clever. Like a hit song. You want to go back and hear that part again and again.

12. because her writings remind me that I should appreciate life and challenge myself, be graceful. Her style of writing is from the heart, you know, the kind of writing that you put in your private journal.

13. because there are great music reviews here. Things that you may need to discover or Rediscover. And it takes a lot of work to put all of these music posts together.

14. because I want those bags. They’re lovely.
15. I love the visual arts, the colors, the brightness and happiness it exudes. There is so much darkness in the world but these are like a light shining in darkness, so bright and cheery.

P. S.

Let’s keep in touch. Let me know what you are into.

12 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Angela, thank you so very much! I do feel honored that you would think of me and include me on your list. I’m enjoying visits to the links you provided. It’s such a great way to get to know other bloggers. Thank you, thank you! And also, I love your rendition of “O Come All Ye Faithful”. Awesome.

  2. Dear Angela,
    How sweet of you to give me the Lovely Blog Award! I am honored. I love encouraging you! It is my pleasure to encourage writers on my blog and teachers of children’s church on my website.
    Celebrate you today. Sing a song to celebrate what fun it is to be you!
    Never Give Up!
    Joan Y. Edwards

  3. I am honored AND shocked to get this award from You Ms. Angela….I didn’t know you knew I existed!!! Thank you sooooo very much for your kind words. I hope you enjoyed a spectacular Thanksgiving.

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