G2B Gastro Pub and Beerhouse

We had an amazing time at G2B GastroPub and Beerhouse.

When you first walk into G2B Gastro Pub, you feel a huge regal atmosphere. Sort of like the feeling you get the first few seconds after you step into a large cathedral. Except instead of God calling you to pray,  the bar seems to take on human vocal characteristics and calls you over immediately to order one of its North Carolina beers.   They feature a first class selection of  North Carolina Beers. It reminds me very much of being in one of those 5 star restaurants in NYC. Clean spacious, modern, and sophisticated. It’s definitely, one of Durham, North Carolina’s prizes, especially the jazz room.

The mood in the jazz room is warm and more intimate than the front room.  It reminds you of those jazz paintings that you see all the time. You know, those paintings of musicians playing instruments in a club somewhere.

Special thanks to all the audience members and  my girlfriends, from the Real Girlfriends of RDU , who were there. Also, special thanks to  the band who was amazing. Kenni Hairston on keys, Kyle Dupstadt on bass, and Carl McDaniel on guitar, and Eric Meyer on bass were brilliant and cohesive. I  am still  trying to figure out how I got to be so lucky. You would think we had been performing together for yearsCarrie Schleiffer, the Chef de Cuisine, is a true hero of the restaurant. She  and Chris made everything come together. Special thanks to her,  the manager Chris, and all his staff for making a great night.

I’ll be back for another lamb burger soon.


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