I am so touched.

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I am so touched by your acts of kindness. Some of you send me words of encouragement. Some of you came to the show last weekend. Thank you. Thank  you. Thank you. I hope to respond to each and everyone who have reached out to me. Forgive me if I havent yet. I received a negative email from someone that I had not yet replied to and it was mean-spirited. It hurt. I hope that you understand that I appreciate everyone that takes time out to listen and/or support me. I am touched by the positive people that I have met and those that I hope to meet in person in the future. Thank you to the Real RDU girlfriends, to my friends, family, fans and to my band.  I met someone recently who shared this with me. I want to share this link with you. We need to do something about gun violence.

Call Congress to act: Interfaith Call-In Day Against Gun Violence, Feb 4th. And help spread the word.http://t.co/snO7ilj

4 thoughts on “I am so touched.

  1. As far as stopping gun violence, I support that whole-heartedly. But as long as there are guns – and there will be – there will always be gun violence. All we can really do is pray for the best, and continue to pray for God’s will.

  2. I don’t blog often. I rarely come here. But I received your latest blog today and have to respond. I encourage anyone who has the will and courage to do what is in their heart. What a blessing it is to be able to share your talent with others. It’s very admirable. I wasted too much time never thinking I was good enough, trying to nurture that talent I thought I once possessed. My voice has been whittled away by allergies and acid reflux. It may come back, and if it does, it will take a lot more determination than what I had before I lost it.

    As far as the negative email, always remember: The mean-spirited words weren’t because the person who sent them didn’t like you; it was because the he didn’t like himself (insert correct gender if necessary). I know you are a God-fearing lady. Fear God, and there’s no reason to fear anything else.

    When our paths first crossed, I was thinking you were closer to me and that I’d be able to see you perform. At the rate I’m going financially, I may never see the border of my own state, let alone visit another. So I may never get to see you perform. But I keep pushing with what little I have left. Thank you for your posts and your positive words.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. It means alot to me. I hope that you enjoy life and continue to say encouraging words to others. As far as “wasting” time, I don’t know. Some things happen in our past that seem like a waste. But maybe there was a reason for it. ??? I just know what we have right now is now. Let’s try and make it count. For me the pursuit of music is like my heartbeat. It is why I am alive. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t know if I will feel this way next year or next month, or maybe 10 years from now there will be something else. The next thing. But now this is my heartbeat and I can’t imagine living without performing.
      Thanks again for stopping by and maybe my live show will be headed your way soon.
      Hope to see you soon.

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