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Angie Coltrane

The words below are a part of a huge conversation I had with myself. To here the LIVE recording and to get the full song check out the link. It’s called Brand New Life.

“We get stuck with the belief of what we’re not suppose to do
Or what people won’t accept
Or maybe we’re overwhelmed
I’m gonna break out of this rut
Create my life
I believe in your love, in your hope, in your positivity
You’re my breakthrough baby, breakthrough friend, breakthrough lover, breakthrough King….

I get down on my knees but I keep forgetting that
It’s all in the way that I see me…..
I deserve to choose my way into a brand new life!”

So many great things are happening. It’s been very difficult. It will continue to be. All of you are worried about me. Stop. I am strong.

I have more details that I want to share with you but not here. You can sign up for here my letters from my heart if you wish. 

I hope to see you soon. New Music Concerts and events from Angie and the Cool Network coming soon!