5 Blogging mistakes to avoid

5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid when writing blog posts

Blogging Mistake #1 – Not Updating
This is so common. I have been so guilty of this at times. There is always somebody out there who decides to set up a blog. It’s easy and fun to start. They post excitedly and then soon it hits them. The brick wall. They just don’t post anymore. The newness just fizzles away. The number of posts starts to go down, and then the blog just gets abandoned for weeks and months at a time. It has happened to me and it’s so easy to get sidetracked. The truth is, lack of updates can kill your blog. Your audience needs to see that you are still alive and have something of value to say or show. It could just be that they want to “hear your voice.” One thing to do is to make your blogging mobile and easy through your phone, and/or pick a posting schedule. Once you set up a schedule then stick with it. It could be one post every 3 days or one post a week, or one post every 10 days. Just pick something concrete that is doable to you. You can go as far as setting a time and making it an appointment. If you show up a little late its ok. Just show up and keep a commitment. That works for anything you want in life.

Blogging Mistake #2 – This is for you entrepreneurs out there. Some make the mistake of obsessing over blogging for money.
Is it possible to make money from your blog. Ofcourse. Is making money good? Yes I like it. This is the internet. People love to find great content and products. Some people are literally addicted to shopping online. But if you’re blogging ONLY for money, then you may be in for a surprise. You might be driving people away and not even realizing it. People want to be engaged and read great content that benefits them. Some people also want to learn more about YOU the person. Be personal at times. People appreciate knowing and feeling close to you. If you have a store, be sure to add value to others. You will tend to make a more loyal customer if they feel connected and if they sense that you are genuine.

Blogging Mistake #3 – Slow down. Sometimes you rush the writing of a Post
Wow. I’ve done this. I hit publish and wish I would have taken more time to think through the post. Many are guilty of this. I like to share my music. Sometimes I have a great song to share or an amazing trending story comes up and bam!. You want to get it out now, now, and now. However, in your rush to get the post published, you forget to proofread and just hit the Publish button. Or with wordpress, you are stopped by the warning of correcting the post but you are so used to ignoring the warning that you don’t correct. Before you publish, slow down. Take a deep breath and double/triple check your post. Make sure it’s as flawless as possible. You can spot a mistake early and correct it.

Blogging Mistake #4 – Not Replying To Comments
It takes two to tango. A blog is a two-way street. It’s a serious communication tool, but many writers forget that. Often, you are not set up properly to be alerted of comments. When readers comment on your posts, listen to what they are saying. Answer them. What do people like about your content. What do they want? What are they saying? Say something back to them. Something that doesnt sound like a bot. Meaningful. We all want to be appreciated. It’s a basic human motivator.

Blogging Mistake #5 – Ignoring Other Bloggers
One of the most awesome ways to get your blog noticed is by reaching out to others who are also trying to get their blog noticed. No matter how successful a blogger is, they usually want people to reach out to them. Saying hello is important. Find other blogs in your niche. Say hi to other bloggers and writers out there. You can do this by leaving a comment on their blogs. Other ways to say hello to other bloggers includes linking to them, sending trackbacks and politely pushing yourself into their community. I love music and I love to share with other musicians and creative people like authors, film makers, painters, photographers, guitar players, and music lovers. It’s not easy getting people to open up to you. You have to push sometimes. This is difficult for me but I know I need to do it. Call it shyness or fear. You just have to figure out a way to overcome the shyness and the fear or do it regardless of how fearful you are. It’s a must do task. Reach out to people and push yourself to know other bloggers. We can do this together.


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