Tamborine – Chris Rock


You know a show is a mandatory must-see when you are told that you are about to learn how George Bush was one of the top contributors to black history. “Tamborine – Chris Rock” is a must-see.   The show immediately starts with a quick micro-shout out to Brooklyn and then begins swiftly to joke about what cops are saying to themselves. You think they would be saying, let’s keep a count of all the black kids we shoot and to be fair, let’s decide its time to shoot a white kid in order to keep it equal. Chris Rock then goes on to rant about cops and how, to them, he is just another black person until the cops get close enough to realize he’s the celebrity Chris Rock. The hilarious story about American Airlines having pilots is a highlight.  Don’t worry “most of our pilots like to land. We have a few bad apples that like to crash into mountains.” The thought process here is that some jobs, like being a police officer and being a pilot,  just should never have “bad apples.”

The story of his grandfather taking him hunting will have you crying-laughing. Gun control discussions, as well as the possibility of a mass stabbing, make the crowd roar with laughter. He goes on to discuss his children’s school orientation, bullies, Donald Trump, and his search for God who clearly made mistakes.  Of course, you have to hear Chris Rock’s list of God’s Mistakes. I won’t reveal them here.  One of the funniest parts of this show was how parents should train their black children to prepare for the “white man”.  There are 3 major warnings. Again, I won’t reveal them here as you must see the show! Chris later delves into his personal life. It is very serious but still funny in a strange way. I can’t quite tell if he intended all of it to be funny as the live crowd laughed his face seemed slightly awkward. He speaks of his alleged addiction to porn, a joke? And his tough divorce battle and fight for his kids. You, at this point, feel almost like you’re Chris Rock’s friend. He opens up. He’s real. You see a little vulnerability. But underneath it all, he will make you smile. Or he just might piss you off a little.

“You can be anything, you’re good at, as long as they’re hiring. And even then it helps to know somebody” -Chris Rock 

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Celebrating beauty and new beginnings

When a child is born it is the ultimate new beginning. Every cell becomes multiplied until growth physically creates a new person. It really is a miracle. We only know and understand what we believe in our core to be true. The truth is that we are changing and growing every day.  Cheers to new beginnings.

New Year! New Friends! New Joy!


Welcome. I hope you are having a great new year so far. Life is not easy but it can be rewarding with faith and support. Learning to be your own cheerleader is important. Stay inspired. Work everyday to keep your mind sharp and free to learn new things. We do that by resting, taking care of our body, and taking responsibility for our time. Use it wisely.