Angie and the Cool Network

My name is Angie. I write songs and I sing. My music has even been on the billboard charts. 

 Tour Support and promotion

We will need money  and VENUES to support  our live shows and performances with my band, “Angie and the Cool Network”. The members include myself(vocals),Eric Meyer(bass), Kyle Dupstadt(drums), Carl McDaniel(guitar).   

85 thoughts on “Angie and the Cool Network

  1. Hi Angela, I was just passing through I joined wordpress and would like to say that I like your voice. Please feel free to contact me as I would like to know if you would be interested in working together. I am looking for music artists and public speakers for events that I am organizing. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. I wish you much success in your writing. Forgive me if this is already in one of your posts but I didn’t fully understand your posted rules. Are the readers suppose to post comments after each of your posts/excerpts and say “true” or “false” as a comment to each of your posts?

      1. Yes on the short story series Truth or Fiction Tuesdays, to enter the giveaway you can reply in the comments section of one or more story whether you think it’s true or fiction. Each time you vote counts as an entry, as does sharing the link. All votes must be entered by 11/16. If you’re new to the series you can still vote on the earlier stories, as long as it’s by the deadline. Hope that makes sense :-). Thanks for the encouragement and I wish you even greater success in your music. You’re very talented.

  2. Hey!
    I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. 🙂 I’ll definitely check out your music. Hopefully it’ll be an inspiration to this project we’re currently working on in school. ^^

  3. Nice to meet you Angela. Stopped in to say thanks for the “like” on my Whatever Lola wants… post on my photography blog. Happy to have you as a reader. I can’t wait to listen to your work. Have a blessed day!

  4. Hi Angela, thank you for the like on my blogpost, seems to me you also like pink 😉

    So you’re singer… nice voice.
    good luck with your career

  5. Angela, Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it. I like your soft jazz. Years ago, 1959, I used to sit on my army cot and listen to the most beautiful piece of music I ever heard. Here is a version of it but you must close your eyes to avoid distractions.
    It was done by a musician named Jimmy Wisner who ended up being more famous in Europe than the US. We sure missed the boat on that one. Here is another piece when he tried using the name Kokomo. He was quite the musician. Thanks for your great music. I think somebody will remember your contribution in fifty years but I would hope that you become VERY FAMOUS sooner than that! Thanks for sharing your music with us. Wally

  6. Thanks for liking and following my blog! I listened to your music and your voice is fabulous! Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  7. Thanks for following my blog. I am so honored to have such an amazingly talented and beautiful person following my photographic journey. I love your music and words. to iTunes i go. Have a great day!!

  8. Hi Angela! Thanks for following my blog: I’ve been poking around your blog and I like what you have to say about the world. I can’t carry a tune and my best instrument would be the triangle BUT if you are looking for someone to write some songs with reach out.

  9. Hi Angela,

    Thank you for finding my 70s Saturday Night page. I read your bio, and I am humbled by your accomplishments. I listened to a clip of your voice and love it! I will have to come back soon and check out more.


  10. hi angela, thanks for viewing my blog post! i’m a luver of jazz so you’ve got my attention. I work with a variety of talents and have a passion of the arts so again…you’ve got my attention. keep on spreading luv through music!

  11. hi angela, thanks for viewing my blog post! i’m a lover of jazz so you’ve got my attention. I work with a variety of talents and have a passion of the arts so again…you’ve got my attention. keep on spreading luv through music!

  12. Hello Angela, the notice that you liked my latest post and that you are now following my blog came in as I was listening to Whitney Houston’s music.
    I love what I read about you so far! Can’t wait to learn more about you!

  13. Hi Angela, It is nice to know you are following the St. Augustine Jazz Society’s Blog. While I could not find where live, you can come and sing anytime you wish. Our Jazz Jams are on the last Sunday of each month from 2 to 6 p.m. and our location can be found on our site calendar. Thanks for tuning in.

    Dave Martinez – Correspondent

  14. Angela, thanks for the follow! I’m glad you found it funny! I’ve listened to a couple of your tracks – wow, your music and voice are fantastic!! And I like your writing too.

  15. Angela! Just wanted to thank you for visiting my site and deciding to follow. But, then I see what glorious things you’re doing here, and I can’t wait to hear your music. Must go snooping now.

  16. Hi Angela,very glad to share you WP Blog and FB and MYS pages!
    You’are a great and talented artist! Thanks for the gift of your art! I think your voice and music may go well with some of my artworks. If you like, I may create a little promotional video with your voice and one of my art piece… A new language experimentation. Let me know! And many compliments. I wish you the best success!

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