Another Chance

The morning is good. It gives us another chance to get it right. Another chance to tell someone that we love and appreciate them. Another chance to do something for someone else. Another chance to give a gift to someone. Another chance to see that blessing others will return many blessings back to us. This really works people. Try it.


Let’s Face It, You’re Going to Make Mistakes


Let’s face it. You’re gonna make mistakes. You are going to fail sometimes. You’re gonna screw something up. It’s just human nature. You are going to fall. The challenge is to make your self get up. Try again until you get it right. Perhaps change your strategy based on your past failures. Figure out what works. It is humiliating to dwell on the wrong, but if you learn from it and change your strategy, failure can be a good thing.


First day of summer.

What does the first day of summer mean to you? It’s a wake up call. Time is passing. Today the North Pole is tipped more toward the sun than on any other day. There will be lots of daylight here. Lot’s of time to get it right today. I’ll be spending time enjoying the sun, working and of course doing music. Any words of inspiration are welcome here. Thanks.

What causes summer? It’s not the distance from the sun. It is the tilt of the Earth’s axis. It’s the axial tilt. Essentially,  Earth does not sit up perfectly straight as it spins like a top. Our blue planet leans as it rotates in the plane of its orbit.

As the year progresses, this lean causes the north and south part of the planet, to bask in different levels of sunlight. Thus some places are hot and some are cold.