Rediscover the Beauty

Not everyone is fortunate enough to love the job they have. However, it is very feasible to learn to love your job and be a peace with where you are right now. Rediscover the beauty in it. Perhaps you just haven’t paid attention to the beauty of it. Maybe there is an opportunity in it that you have not explored. I often find myself, striving, looking and pursuing more stuff. Like right now I’m thinking that a trip to Italy would be perfect for me. But I am not in Italy. I look outside my window, though, and I see amazing simplicity. Trees, a warm sun, a beautiful sky, a cardinal, a gorgeous view of mossy rocks. Could this be my Italy. Could I be at peace with where I am right now. Today I will focus on being content and just enjoying what I have. Today is my day to rediscover the beauty of where I am. Oh look, there goes another cardinal! Fresh air. I am actually breathing in fresh air.

Self-discipline @angieandthecool Network

Lately, I find myself asking for help and relying a bit too much on other people. After all, we all need each other, don’t we? But This morning I tell myself: It all boils down to self-discipline. Decide what you need to do. Acknowledge temptation. Just decide that you will resist it. Write the temptation down on a piece of paper. Ball it up and throw it away or burn it. Decide that today, your life is your own. No apologies. No excuses. No one to blame. No one to rely on. Today it is just you and yourself. Say that you are strong. List the actions you need to take. Take them. Just do it. Then get up tomorrow and do it again.