Without creativity, I don’t think the world would be fit for anyone to live in. Creativity is like fire. That thing that inspires you in a  nonstop, consistent, and persistent way. When it is in you,  it burns.  It spreads. You have to create when you feel the urge. If you don’t, it feels off balance. Unhealthy.  Once you start, it catches on fire, again. Sometimes destroying old ideas in its path. I wrote a song the other day, just out of the blue. I felt a breeze come my way and I bet it came from God, something powerful, that’s for sure.  It’s why I want to stay alive. What’s your fire?

Please download this song, Fire.

Persistently yours, Angela.


Fire – Prettysongs itunes

Fire - Prettysongs

Don’t Bury Your Talent

No matter what happens, you have to use your talent to the fullest. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 people following your blog or 5 million people. You have to share your talent with much care and enthusiasm. I have to sing my heart out regardless of how many people show up to the event. Whatever it is that you do, sweeping a floor, writing a book, designing clothes, being a parent, being a cashier, running a business, doing art, photography, music, etc; do it well. Give it your best shot. Don’t bury it.

5000 Hugs and Kisses

Facebook “friends” are all the craze. Would they “be there” for you? Would you “be there” for them? The beauty of life is that we can make it what we want. What if you really had 5000 friends. REAL friends. The kind you can touch, see, and literally spend time together. You would rarely eat alone.  You would get or give alot of hugs and smiles. 5000 hugs and kisses. You would have amazing birthday parties every year. 5000 gifts. Real friends would encourage you and  support you in your artistic and/or business endeavors. You’d be richer. You would be very busy keeping up with all the things that friends do for each other. Some of them may fall short of being “good friends” and you will have to forgive them. Perhaps even let them go. There will be lots of challenges and commitments but that’s less time to wallow in self-pity. And less time for self-pity is more time for growth.